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★★★★★ 6/25/23

Chelsea N.

There are two things that I personally look forward to most when going to weddings: the photo booth and the music/dancing. This did not change when planning for my own wedding.

Enter Robert. My husband and I were introduced to him by our planner who highly recommended him as a DJ and MC. His company also provided everything needed for the wedding ceremony as well as the photo booth so it was like an all in one package deal for us.

Eric and I have nothing but good things to say about Robert. He was always so enthusiastic, so friendly, so professional. We could tell he loves what he does. We had three official meetings – one to get to know each other, one to discuss some details with my dad (more on this later), and one to finalize all the details for the wedding day. He took great care each meeting to really delve into the nitty gritty of what we would want and not want for our wedding day. He was such a great listener during those meetings. But even beyond that, throughout the entire planning process, Robert made himself available to us by email and text. We never had a doubt about reaching him one way or the other.

His passion translates to great energy on the day of the wedding. As MC, he really was able to hype up the bridal party and also hype up the guests to keep everyone excited about the wedding night. He was able to keep people engaged on the different activities that would be happening throughout the night.

Something that he went out of his way on was regarding the father-daughter performance. Instead of a dance, my dad wanted for us to do a singing performance together and so, Robert worked with him personally to figure out the details of the performance. He made it a priority. Had an impromptu meeting with us to figure out the details. Even spent extra time with my dad during sound set up on wedding day to make sure that everything with the performance could go smoothly. It was a really special moment to sing with my dad on my wedding day so we really appreciate Robert helping to set this up.

As for the music, I am so grateful to Robert for working with us to make sure he played what we really wanted to hear throughout our wedding night to give us the mostly 90s-2000s vibes we wanted while seamlessly incorporating music as requested by my dad so that all the guests of all generations could enjoy. He fit in a mini emo set during dancing because it was something I really wanted. Even played a song three times in the night because I didn’t hear it the first two times (sorry Robert lol). We had so many music requests and he was able to accommodate them all.

At the end of our wedding, the photo booth was hit for everyone and so was the dance floor! We couldn’t imagine a better way to end our reception than dancing the night away with all of our close friends on the dance floor.

Tl;dr: The Hilo Productions team was awesome. If you are in need of a DJ/MC, look no further! Robert is your guy. 🙂

“Hilo was the lifesaver for our biggest day.”

-Brian M.

Sep 29, 2023


“Robert even got the sober and shy guests! He made them feel comfortable”

– Tom Z.

May 17, 2022


“Our Guests didn’t want to leave yet.”

– Adrian M.

July 26, 2017



— Remywildandfree

“FUN as F$&@!” He definitely has a vibe or “aura” if you will, that is friendly and overall FUN. I still remember the consultation before my wedding, which was great because incase you forget any music or pieces of the event to keep in mind, Rob is so knowledged that he gives suggestions and his own ideas on how to keep the party flowing. His music selection is HUGE, like no joke he has country to hip hop to salsa, etc. His setup is professional and so is his work ethic. An ideal person to work with, most definitely. I will never forget during the dancing portion of the night, he was slick enough to play an oldie but goodie song “Scenario” by Tribe Called Quest not just once, but twice getting the crowd even more hyped then we all already were. Only a skilled DJ with working knowledge of a crowd and their mood can pull something like that off and get away with it! I would definitely refer and use Hilo Productions again and again.”

★★★★★ 12/02/23

Katrina Y.

We are so happy to have chosen Hilo Productions for our DJ & MC services on our 11/11/23 wedding!

So many things to rave about when it comes to Robert and his team:

Robert spent a lot of time getting to know both me and my now husband, prior to booking. He wanted to make sure he knew what kind of event we wanted, what traditions or customs we would be recognizing, and what vibes we wanted with our crowd! We’re so appreciative of this as we recognize the DJ and MC truly set the tone for the reception. We knew immediately when we were done talking to him that we wanted to work with him and his team!

We needed a bilingual English/Vietnamese MC and Robert linked us up with his amazing MC, Linnie. I hopped on a call with her and heard her voice, her tone, and loved her personality! I knew that Robert selected the perfect person for the job. Linnie worked with me and my husband to get our families’ name pronunciations correct, and ran through the reception with us so we knew what was going to happen. I had the utmost confidence in Linnie, and as expected, she killed it! She translated my dad’s Vietnamese toast to English perfectly, and we received so many compliments about what an amazing MC she was! Linnie is sweet and funny, not cringey or anything at all – just pure joy!

Next, Robert selected DJ Derrick to be our DJ of the night. I’m so glad he did because Derrick truly delivered the ~*vibes*~ all night long!! All of the songs we selected for entrances went off without a hitch, he played amazing music for the reception (we booked them for reception only) during dinner, sneaking in a few of my absolute favorite songs that I really wanted to hear, and then he kept the dance floor busy all night! I loved the selection of music that really fit our preferences and our guests’ preferences. He read the crowd and knew what music would keep the energy high and by the end of the night, I nearly lost my voice because I was having the best time dancing and singing. Shoutout to him also sneaking in my favorite song ever for a surprise in the last track too!! We also had so many wonderful comments about him after!!

Finally, Robert kept in touch with us throughout the process to make sure we were feeling okay leading up to the wedding. He understands all of the family obligations that comes with wedding planning, and makes sure that your wedding is something the couple actually wants, while also respecting our cultures! If I felt anxious, he always calmed me down, and I’m so appreciative of it!

Thank you Robert, Linnie, and Derrick for all of your work! We were so lucky to have you!!!

★★★★★ 4/22/22

Justine S. .

We were looking for a DJ/MC and had no idea where to look until we booked our photographer Kevin Le Vu (shout out to KLV Weddings, his team was also a blessing to work with!) and we asked Kevin if he knew of any DJ/MCs. Kevin said, “This guy Robert is FUN. Amazing guy to work with.” Intrigued, my then fiance Jack (obv now husband) and I made an appointment to meet Robert. I think we met Robert in February 2020? We were so impressed… Robert was so well put together, not just in appearance (such a sharp dresser) but you can tell he really cares about what he does and he knows it really well. We felt like we were going to be in good hands, so we booked him as our officiant as well after that first meeting! Robert was going to be our officiant, DJ, and MC all in one.

Best snap decision we’ve ever made. Little did we know, all hell would break loose and soon we were in the throes of a pandemic. The next 18 months were so crazy, planning a wedding in all the uncertainty that came with lockdown and hearing about other couples’ weddings being cancelled or postponed. But one of the few things we knew we never had to worry about was how much we could trust Robert as a wedding vendor. Always very responsive, prompt, supportive even when we were stressing out! We sat on a 2 hour Facetime call with Robert where he asked us what was really most important to us at our wedding. Aside from that, he called my husband days before our wedding (unbeknownst to me) to ask how things we going, and also to ask more questions to add a personal touch to our ceremony that he was about to officiate. He really really gets to know the couples he works with and it shows.

Let me just break it down into his roles to make my review a little more organized.

Officiant: Robert sent us a questionnaire asking us about our relationship and the best parts of it. It definitely helped him get a grasp of who we are as a couple. So well, that our guests thought Robert was one of our longtime friends! Our vows were so personalized, Jack and I were so impressed by the attention to detail and how much thought was put into the entire ceremony.

MC: Robert is the best hype man! So much energy and positive vibes! We had a pretty shy and reserved wedding party, but he was able to bring out the best in them and give them that confidence boost they needed for the wedding party entrance! We had only one wedding game, but our guests were talking about it for weeks after. In fact, I’ve even had guests tell me our wedding was THE BEST wedding we’ve ever been to. So organized and put together without being dead serious and boring. Our whole reception just flowed so well, from dinner to game to dancing. Above all, Robert has just such great stage presence. When he speaks, everyone pays attention! And he just speaks so clearly and with much confidence. You can tell he’s very experienced with hosting large events. Robert is also Filipino like I am, so he’s very experienced with dealing with meddling family elders who want to hijack the reception playlist lol.

DJ: Robert sent us another detailed questionnaire asking which music genres were ok or not ok, what songs to play for each part of the wedding and ceremony, etc. Our music was on point! Have you ever been to a wedding where you feel like you get musical whiplash because the DJ plays EDM then abruptly switches to country music then hiphop? Or a wedding where the DJ just leaves and has a playlist that sounds like those lo fi Youtube channels? (True story, I’ve been to both kinds.) Robert is definitely NOT that kind of DJ! The music flows so well, and is tailored to your own musical tastes. I was always the type of person to have imaginary background music playing in my head (like movies or Korean dramas lol) and the music at our wedding was everything I had imagined it to be. The music was just so…US. 🙂 We had people on the dancefloor until the lights had to go back on. Robert knows how to read the crowd’s energy and will steer the playlist in a direction that’ll keep people dancing.

I think the most memorable part about our experience with Robert actually came after the wedding. One of my wedding guests told me he ran into Robert in the outside world and he told Robert he had so much fun at our wedding because he was our DJ/MC. A few months later, this friend was diagnosed with a serious illness and he told me that my wedding was probably one of the last happy “normal” memories he made with his wife before his diagnosis. Trying not to end this on a sad note but that’s the kind of lasting impact Robert makes. Not just an officiant/DJ/MC, he helps you make memories that will stay with you forever. Our wedding ended up being the best day of our life, largely because Robert was there to help make it happen. Thank you so much, Robert and team!!

★★★★★ 1/25/23

Nicky H.

Not only is Robert an amazing DJ and MC, he really acts as another core support to help plan your wedding to perfection. We talked a lot before our wedding and he really helped us think a lot through of the potential things that could happen and how to avoid them/improve them. He really made our wedding so, so easy and super fun!! I don’t know how we did it, but everything we planned was actually and perfectly on time!

Our night was unforgettable. So many of our friends and family had such a blast. Even my sister (who is incredibly picky) even said to Robert in the middle of the night that she needed him for her wedding! Robert really connects with everyone he works with and makes it fun for everyone. I will not forget how he was interacting with our bridal party before the guests arrived and pumping them all up for the grand entrance. It was so fun and funny as we all laughed and fooled around before go time.

Our reception was a blast! Robert coordinated an awesome game during dinner and got so many of the guests up and going. He got both sides of our friends and family to come together to meet, play, and get silly! One of the unforgettable and hilarious moments was how one of our friends grabbed my step-dad (not realizing who he was!!) and carried him onto the dance floor. I will never forget the look on my step-dad’s face. He was laughing so hard, and I knew he was having so much fun.

Thank you so much for everything, Robert. We still think back to our wedding how everything really was just so fun and so perfect!!

★★★★★ May 7, 2022

Nicky T.

Robert DJ’d/Emcee’d our wedding in April 2022 and we could not be more pleased with his delivery. During the planning process Robert was responsive, professional (and fun!) and really took the time to get to know us. He provided very helpful insight to the timeline of events and helped us feel more confident and comfortable. The night of the wedding, Robert made sure the party didn’t stop – he took into account our music preferences and our guests LOVED his energy. I’ve had a few guests ask me since for his contact info for future events. Robert also ensured we stayed on time for all of our speeches/family dances. We cannot rave about Hilo Productions enough and highly recommend them!

★★★★★ Feb 1, 2022

Sasha N.

Robert and his team came highly recommended and they did not disappoint! even in the early planning stages, Robert was readily available and easy to talk to and seemed to understand the vibe we were going for. Excellent communicator, professional, funny, and highly organized.

We had the pleasure of having Robert as our DJ, emcee AND officiant and he played each role seamlessly, and made our Halloween wedding night truly special. Simply put – he was a hit, the music was a hit, the crowd was always engaged and our party ended up being one for the ages.

Thank you Robert and your entire team!
You are now an honorary Bosnian.

★★★★★ 5/17/22

Tom Z.

Robert is a DJ/MC that simply blew us away. Our wedding was a mixed of all ages and cultures (Chinese and Latin) and we had no idea how the vibe would be. We felt our wedding was going to be a fun one, but we didn’t expect it to be so fun that people stayed on the dance floor until the venue literally had to kick us out! Robert was a master of bringing the energy and even getting the most shy and sober guests into getting involved in the party games, dance games, sing-alongs and the dance floor. Robert has a way of communicating and bringing this energy that just makes people comfortable and wanting to just have fun. Robert was even able to get all our Aunties and Uncles dancing all night long (we had 50+ years olds dancing for 2 hours non-stop in heels!) to the point where they told us their entire body was sore the next day, but it was the most fun they have ever had!

I noticed that Robert was a master of being able to read a room, control the tempo of how everyone was feeling and making sure that the energy was kept up non-stop the entire night. We didn’t have the most detailed playlist so Robert learned and created this playlist that literally spoke to our souls. Without directly telling Robert, it somehow felt like knew everything about us. He played so many classic songs that made our family remember very fond childhood memories like when we were kids hanging out with the family at backyard parties dancing with our parents, uncles, aunties and family when life was simple and happy.

Robert did multiple interviews and consultations with us and made the entire process very simple and straightforward. Robert seemingly remembers every little detail you tell him, and he is a master of probing you to learn more what you’re looking for and how you want to feel. We really felt taken care of before and even during the wedding by going out of the way to help us around the venue and making sure that we were fully pampered as the bride and groom. Everyone we talked to after the wedding kept on mentioning how much fun they had and how it really felt like a family union and that it felt like those one of a lifetime moments were everyone was simply just HAPPY.


Jan 11, 2022

Jen C.

Late Review!
Our wedding was on October 30 2021! Through out the whole process Robert was amazing!! I can’t thank him enough for his professionalism and being so organized through out the whole process! It’s something anyone and a bride can appreciate! Especially when there’s so much planning!


Feb 22, 2022

Jacob R.

Hilo is the way to go! This man is amazing at what he does, and so passionate about what he does. He sets the tone for whatever celebration you hire him for, and makes it a fun event each and every time. If you are looking DJ & MC, look no further, Hilo is the way to go!


Feb 3, 2022

Shane V.

Robert was extremely helpful and dedicated to making sure we had the best event possible. His kindness and professionalism are unmatched, even throughout complications related to the pandemic. He made our event so much fun and stress free and went above and beyond with his quality of service and care.

★★★★★ 5/17/20

Tony D.

The Skinny: If you are looking for a hype man, DJ, entertainer, and all-around good guy to emcee your wedding, look no further!

Professionalism: Rob is one of the most professional yet personable individuals I’ve ever met! I had already encountered him a few times since he was the emcee for a few of my friends’ weddings where I was on the wedding party. Every single time, he was consistent in his professionalism. When it came to my wedding, it was no different. Rob makes sure that you aren’t just another client, but that he gets to know you as a human being. He truly shows that he cares for you. Rob met with my wife and I in an initial meeting, and my wife immediately knew we had to book him for our wedding (even though I had no doubt on that before he met her)! The care he took with having us work with him was very refreshing, and he was always reachable when we had questions or had something we wanted to add. Our wedding was very customized where we also added in an escape room-type game, and Rob was more than happy to “gamemaster” it with our given instructions.

Organization: Rob uses shared documents where we can all edit it together to keep things organized. He makes sure that we provide the necessary information by certain milestone dates, and he is always responsive with when we have questions on particular entries in the documents. Having the documents prepared for us to fill out was a lifesaver, and Rob also works with many other vendors and has developed a number of relationships over the years, so it’s always great that he can get things moving along if we feel that there’s a need to.

Skills: HYPE HYPE HYPE! If anything, when Rob emcees your event, nobody will EVER get bored. He can hype anything up as long as he knows what we want to be hyped. For things like party games, we weren’t really sure what to do, but Rob’s vast experience allowed him to pull these off with no issue at all. In addition, his DJing is still impressive and crowdpleasing, which is what we wanted in our wedding. You just can’t go wrong with his experience and skills!

Conclusion: If I could give more than 5/5, I would! Very fair pricing, very impressive skills and professionalism. I would highly recommend Hilo Productions for any large event if you are looking to have a fun and exciting time! It took some time to write this review since our wedding back in July 2019, and that’s because I wanted to make sure this review is reflective of the quality of Hilo Productions!

★★★★★ 12/21/20

Vinh T.

I’ve known Robert personally for a long time and I knew if I’d need a DJ for my wedding, he would be my first choice. So when I reached out to him when I started planning my wedding reception, I got to see the professional side of Robert. From day 1, his priority is to make our ideal wedding reception become reality. Not only did he ask for music/entertainment preferences, but he asked us “what is most important for you personally” and other outside-the-box questions to really get a feel of how we valued our reception. Our main objective was simple: to make sure our guests have a great time at our dinner reception.

Due to COVID, we had to postpone our wedding six months, move reception from indoors to outdoors, and removed the dance floor. Robert was gracious and flexible: he worked with us and checked in on our plans, even if they were to change. With all the changes and new restrictions (masks/social distance), he always kept our objective in mind for our event.

Robert was very organized. In the planning process, we created a very detailed schedule for the dinner reception and broke down every single part. As emcee, he did a great job of keeping the flow of the night right on schedule and we didn’t feel rushed.

We wanted a party but without a dance floor, we were unsure if guests would have as much fun. But Robert busted out his DJ skills, played the right music, kept the energy up, and we formed our own small dance floor! It was definitely the surprise of the night. So in the end, our guests did end up have a good time. Mission accomplished.

I highly recommend Robert and Hilo Productions. Not only is he a great DJ and emcee, he’s professional, friendly, and guaranteed to make your reception a fun and memorable one. Thanks so much Robert!

★★★★★ 11/14/23

Tracey P.

My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Robert when it came to putting together our wedding reception. Even though he was not the DJ or MC for the wedding, he was definitely present in all details that he included. We worked with Derrick (DJ) and Linnie (MC) and Marc (Photobooth attendant). Everyone was so kind and really were enthusiastic about the wedding. We cannot thank Robert and his team enough! We truly appreciated the meetings they put together so that every single detail was ironed out well before the wedding. My husband is definitely a low-key/non-party kind of guy and Robert was able to make the reception an experience he could enjoy too! The reception was a blast and it would not have been that way without all of you! Thank you!


Jan 31, 2018

Tony. A

Robert seriously from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for being 100% at everything (returning calls, patience, great ideas, communication with other vendors and your wonderful Presence)


Sept 20, 2017

Beca L.

I usually do not pay much attention to the DJ when I attend weddings, but Robert is an exception.


July 7, 2017

Lisa F.

Robert was extremely helpful and dedicated to making sure we had the best event possible. Everyone is still talking about our wedding and our incredible DJ was. 

-Nicky H.

Jan 25, 2023


“Even my sister (who is incredibly picky) even said to Robert in the middle of the night that she needed him for her wedding!

– Anna G.

Sept 5, 2022


One year later and our guests are still talking about how fun our wedding was and that’s in large due to Robert and his talents! “

– Linda T.

Jan 14, 2020


We interviewed 3 Dj’s for our wedding and we picked HILO based on his professionalism, good taste in music and keeping things classy.”