Wedding MAIN


You’ll be able to celebrate traditions while staying modern.

Also, you get to have as much input as you’d like on the music and how things will flow at the reception.  After all, it’s YOUR day!  You’ll have a highly skilled talented Dj/Emcee that represents your musical tastes and style.  You’ll have someone who truly understands your vision and takes that responsibility to heart.  Not to mention, you’ll be in constant contact with us.  We’ll be your wedding guardian angels!

Just eat, drink, say “I DO” and party!   That’s it.  We’ll take care of everything else.

what are clients are raving about

Experience the difference with a skilled DJ & wedding pro! READ for yourself! 🎶👂




July 15, 2017

Tuan T.

We felt the weight lift off our shoulders after each phone call, email, and text with Robert because he walked us through each question we had.

You would be hiring more than just a DJ if you decide to pick HILO. You would be in good hands.


December 28, 2013

Lan Anh H.


Let’s start by saying our friends and family were dancing the ENTIRE night! My guests are still talking about how awesome our DJ was!

We are not a very traditional couple and he was so very flexible! He went with whatever we threw at him and was a MAJOR factor in making our wedding amazing.


Oct 3, 2016

Lewis L.

Robert was referred to us by one of our close friends who booked him for their wedding as well. Robert was extremely knowledgeable about several genres of music.

To our surprise, he was also well-versed in modern country music and indie music.

The dance floor was packed for three hours straight with our guests of all ages.

★★★★★ 12/02/23

Rob T.

My fiancé and I are super excited for Hilo Productions to DJ at our wedding. We had a meeting with Robert and he told us about all the different things that they can do in terms of lighting, entertainment, music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception! It’s going to be a great time.

Update! If you’re looking for a wedding DJ who knows how to get the party started, look no further than Hilo Productions. From start to finish, Robert had everyone on the dance floor and kept the energy high throughout the night.

Robert provided music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. The music selection for the entire event was fantastic!

Not only was the music selection on point, but Robert also did a great job of reading the crowd and adjusting the playlist accordingly. They were also a great emcee, making announcements and keeping the reception running smoothly.

Communication with Robert leading up to the wedding was a breeze, and they were very responsive to our requests and questions. On the day of the wedding, they arrived early to set up and make sure everything was ready to go.

Overall, we couldn’t have been happier with our experience with Robert. They helped make our wedding a truly memorable celebration that our guests are still raving about. We would definitely recommend Robert to anyone looking for a talented and professional DJ for any occasion.

“Robert, your dedication to crafting a distinct experience doesn’t go unnoticed. Putting guests and hosts first is a hallmark of your work. Thanks a lot.”



5 Things You Need To Know

  1. Seek a DJ you can rely on and trust.
  2. Recognize the diversity among DJs, as selecting the wrong one can lead to unforeseen costs.
  3. Realize the importance of adopting the right approach for your DJ to fulfill your preferences.
  4. Familiarize yourself with your DJ’s background by exploring their experience, reading testimonials, and listening to their mixes. Check out HILO PRODUCTIONS’s portfolio below.
  5. Connect with your DJ through a video call to gauge their overall vibe and energy. Schedule a Wedding Discovery Call with Robert.

First: You’re Unsure Which DJ for your Event.

And I Know what you are thinking…

  • You’re wondering if I’m going in the right direction when it comes to wedding planning.
  • How do I find the right Dj who understands my vision?
  • This is a major investment and we have only 1 chance to get it right.

Second: What happens if I choose the wrong DJ?

djs the same?



🚫‘DULL’ Wedding Chatter. Lackluster DJs with Minimal Energy and Stage Presence Fail to Connect with the Crowd. Inadequate Transitions and Song Mixing Dampen the Atmosphere.”

“That was painfully awkward.”
 A disorganized DJ loudly playing tacky music and disrupting everyone’s moment of silence destroys the ambiance and tarnishes your reputation.

🚫“Night Destroyed and You can’t time travel back to fix it.” Your special occasion shouldn’t be treated as a DJ’s trial run. Don’t gamble with the possibility of all your hard work and investment being wasted.

🚫A Disappointing Encounter. They show no regard for your image, their actions, or the outcome of your evening. And why should they bother?


💎 Wedding Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About. A skilled DJ effortlessly captivates the crowd, orchestrating the ultimate dance party that leaves your friends and family buzzing with excitement.

💎Elevates Your Image. With an outstanding presentation and setup, we captivate the crowd with infectious positivity. A professional excels at managing moments of silence, adjusting volume levels, and skillfully blending music to guarantee everyone enjoys a fantastic time.

💎Memorable Experiences. Craft unforgettable memories of joy on your wedding day. Your hard work ensures it’s nothing short of extraordinary. Take charge of every moment, leaving nothing to chance.

YOU: I’m almost convinced Robert, but I’ll read on….

“Robert, your dedication to crafting a distinct experience doesn’t go unnoticed. Putting guests and hosts first is a hallmark of your work. Thanks a lot.”


Third: Your wedding is your experience. Your story to tell.

care & attention

skilled professional

right approach

djs play a major role

Robert is meticulous, detailed, & organized. Because of him we did not even need a coordinator. He was there every step of the way with us. Robert really gets to know you and customizes to your needs. 


FINAL: Meet with Robert Hilo!


With you every step of the way!

ROBERT HILO, OWNER/ DJ/EMCEE – Back in my younger days, I couldn’t wait for our school dances.  I was amazed how one song could change the entire scene. First, (as we all experienced) the boys and girls were separated on opposite sides of the gym.  They would be giggling, whispering and clowning around.  That “ONE SONG” would hit their eardrums while the lights brightened their gaze.  Instantly, the beats lifted their spirits, heads rolled back and forth as hands flew up in the air.  No more whispers but “TOP OF YOUR LUNGS” shouting of song verses and party anthems.  We’ve all had those moments when the perfect song played at the right time.  That ONE moment, we got lost in the melody.

Instantly… changing a melody into a memory.  That’s what I love.  That’s what I do.

The vibe will be set…Your event will rock… Your guests will dance…Your guests will be talking about the BEST time they’ve ever had at an event… (months to years later) HILO IS THE WAY TO GO!



1. HILO Discovery Call

For availability, custom solutions, investment, & right fit! Video conferencing is preferred!

2. Book with HILO

To lock in the date, we’ll need a signed agreement and a deposit. This covers all the admin and onboarding stuff too. Congrats HILO is your talent.

3. Prepare With HILO

It’s got all you need for the timeline, music, questions, and names. Plus, you can easily reach HILO and schedule as many meetings as you need.

4. Review With HILO

Having a meet-up 30-60 days prior to your wedding date to touch base.

5. Have A Blast With HILO

Using HILO’s preparation process, he will perform and deliver his best work at your wedding so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your special day with family & friends


June 5, 2023

Chelsea N.

As for the music, I am so grateful to HILO for working with us to make sure they played what we really wanted to hear throughout our wedding night to give us the mostly 90s-2000s vibes we wanted while seamlessly incorporating music as requested by my dad so that all the guests of all generations could enjoy. They fit in a mini emo set during dancing because it was something I really wanted. 


December 28, 2021

Nicole Y.

The night of the wedding, Robert made sure the party didn’t stop – he took into account our music preferences and our guests LOVED his energy.

I’ve had a few guests ask me since for his contact info for future events.


March 20, 2017

Sophia S.

HILO is the real deal, a true professional and above all caring.

He coached us through the formalities and worked with our friends and family as well. This is a professional who cares about details. Nothing went forgotten, everything was addressed and the result was magical. 


Robert is always prepared to not only help with creative suggestions for the event but he also knows how to convey the energy his customers request. We (my wife and I) highly recommend Robert for any major event one may have. You will not be disappointed.

-KEITH B., Seattle, Washington

★★★★★ 11/04/23

Scott K.

From the moment we began our wedding journey, Robert showed an unparalleled level of care and dedication. His passion for what he does was clear from our very first meeting, and it was evident he was fully invested in making our special night as perfect as possible. Robert’s commitment and love for his craft shone in every step of the process, making our experience unforgettable.
As the final days of planning brought their stresses, Robert stepped in, navigating family tensions over divided expectations with true professionalism and thoughtfulness. He even offered an impressive last-minute coaching session for our officiant, not only smoothing out the ceremony but also showcasing his dedication.

Robert nailed our grand entrance, coordinating with our venue’s team to create a seamlessly integrated light show to our song, making it truly unforgettable. His attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile enhanced our experience greatly.
There was never a dull moment throughout the night. Robert kept our guests engaged with music and a couple of fun, interactive games, maintaining a vibrant atmosphere even while we stepped away for outfit changes.

Lastly, thanks to the energetic and lively atmosphere Robert created, we spent the entire night on the dance floor, surrounded by love and hugs from our guests. We received countless compliments and positive statements about how much fun everyone had, a direct testament to Robert’s flawless execution that night.
Robert was more than just a service provider; he was an integral part of our wedding, ensuring every detail was taken care of with the utmost professionalism and genuine care. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and are deeply grateful for his contribution in making our wedding day truly magical.
Thank you Robert.

With love,
Emily and Scott

HILO PRODUCTIONS might not be the perfect match if…🚫

🚫 Music and dancing aren’t your top priorities

🚫 You don’t want to party!

🚫 You’re not open to collaborating and communicating with the DJ

🚫 You expect the DJ to strictly stick to your song list


💎 You’re eager to collaborate with your DJ.

💎 You value a DJ who truly listens and cares about your preferences.

💎 You’re looking for a DJ who goes above and beyond standard wedding playlists.

💎 You’re open to allowing the DJ creative freedom to tailor your wedding to your tastes.

💎 You want the DJ to be an integral part of your celebration and story.

Please Note

While Hilo Productions might not be the perfect match for you, that’s perfectly okay!

However, if they align with your needs…

we’re thrilled to work alongside you to bring to life the wedding celebration you’ve always dreamed of and truly deserve.