About Your Djs

Hey there! I’m Robert Hilo, but you might know me better as DJ Hilo. I’m a proud Torrance native, husband and father, as well as a passionate DJ and MC enthusiast. But more than that, I’m a man on a mission. A mission to assemble the most talented and dedicated Djs that possess a love for music and changing people’s lives. 

Living Life to the Beat with Music’s Sweet Treat

You know, as a united group of HILO DJs, we hold a strong belief that life is just too short to settle for anything less than extraordinary. We’re all here to celebrate, cherish, and savor each precious moment we’ve been gifted with. And you know what? Music, it’s the enchanting thread that weaves it all together. That’s precisely what fuels our passion every time we step behind the decks.

What Makes HILO Productions Djs So Successful…

Our Hilo DJs do more than just play music. They create the perfect atmosphere to match your vision and make sure your event is a big success. 

  • Wholeheartedly embrace their profession; for them, DJing isn’t just a job—it’s their true passion.
  • We’re skilled at crafting excitement with great song choices and smooth transitions.
  • Fully commit to their profession; for them, DJing isn’t just a job—it’s their true passion.
  • Stay updated with the newest music trends and avoid old tracks.
  • Guarantee the best equipment quality because people won’t remember great mixes if the sound quality is bad.
  • Fearlessly share their style and mixes.

Creating Unforgettable Events That Leave a Lasting Impression

Whether it’s a wedding, a special event, or simply a night of dancing, I’m here to assist. Let’s create unforgettable memories together!

Let’s Connect

Interested in discussing how I can contribute to the success of your event? Don’t hesitate to reach out – let’s initiate the conversation

Hey HILO! We’re still not convinced about HILO Productions representing us. Let me read on…

We’ve Never Hired a HILO DJ Before?

So, You’ve Got Some Questions, Huh? (Click the arrow for answers)

What key factors should I take into consideration when I’m in the process of hiring a DJ?

When choosing a DJ, consider their experience, music collection, crowd interaction skills, professionalism, and equipment setup. You need a trustworthy DJ who understands your vision and has a solid process. Let’s schedule a meeting to see if I’m the right fit for your event.

Could you provide insight into the typical cost associated with securing DJ services for an event?

Experienced DJs with a track record of quality often charge more. Factors like event type, location, and equipment also play a role. Prices range from $100 to $10,000. Prioritize talent and budget accordingly for your event’s entertainment.

What are the specific benefits that come with having a DJ at my event? 

A professional DJ not only curates music but also crafts memorable moments and sets the event’s ambiance. They adapt to the crowd, keeping everyone engaged while handling all technical aspects. Hiring one ensures a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Is opting for a pre-made playlist or hiring a live band a viable alternative to hiring a DJ? 

Unlike a playlist or band, a DJ can adapt to the crowd’s energy and preferences on the fly, ensuring a seamless music experience.

Can I rely on Our Hilo DJ to craft a music experience tailored to my personal preferences?  

I recommend an initial meeting to align our music preferences. You can review my work and client feedback for insight. At the event, I’m flexible with requests and adapt to keep the party lively.

Would it be possible for Our Hilo DJ to share references from satisfied past clients? 

I have numerous happy clients and can share reviews/testimonials. Check my portfolio on Google, Yelp, etc., to gauge the experience I offer. A video meeting is needed to assess compatibility. If interested, schedule an appointment to see if we’re a good match.

Does Our Hilo DJ have the necessary insurance coverage that aligns with the requirements of my chosen venue? 

I have $2,000,000 liability insurance. If your event site requires a certificate, please let me know, and I’ll provide one.

In addition to DJing, does Our Hilo DJ offer Master of Ceremonies (MC) services? 

As a professional wedding DJ and MC, we excel at creating memorable events. From announcements to program leadership, games, crowd engagement, atmosphere on the dance floor and throughout the event.

Does Our Hilo DJ extend his services to destination weddings?

Absolutely! I’ve handled numerous destination weddings, both out-of-town and out-of-state. I’m also a travel enthusiast! 🛫 Let’s discuss this in more detail!

How would you describe the unique style of Our Hilo DJ to ensure our event remains distinct and avoids clichés?

I let the music speak but can engage on the microphone to enhance your and your guests’ experience. I don’t always play full track lengths to maintain energy, but I’ll gladly do so if your guests are loving it. I offer both clean and original edits based on your preference. My music spans various genres to connect with diverse musical tastes; I don’t stick to just one genre.

Could you provide some insights into Our Hilo DJ’s extensive experience as a wedding DJ?

I invite you to explore my style and approach on YouTube and Instagram. Let’s connect through a discovery call to discuss your preferences and how I can make your dream wedding a reality. I take pride in creating unique and unforgettable experiences for each couple, and I’d love to do the same for your wedding. Check out my videos and let’s schedule a call to discuss your celebration!

Regarding the music cue during the bride’s procession, is this typically the responsibility of the DJ or the venue?

Typically, the DJ handles music cues for the ceremony. I work with your coordinator and officiant to ensure timing is precise and bring the right sound equipment for clear audio. If musicians are involved, I coordinate with them. As a backup, I can play recorded music if needed. My aim is a seamless ceremony, so I collaborate closely with you, your coordinator, and vendors to create an unforgettable experience!

What defines Our Hilo DJ’s musical style, and how does he personalize it to align with the preferences of each couple?

I’m an open-format DJ, mixing various music styles for a seamless flow. Personalization is key, and I involve couples in the music planning process. We discuss must-play and no-play songs, their vibe, and preferences, allowing me to create a tailored playlist. I aim to make the music match the mood, keep the dance floor lively, and ensure an unforgettable wedding celebration. Feel free to ask any questions about my process for a chat on making your wedding unforgettable!

Will Our Hilo DJ curate music for all aspects of the event, including the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception?

Hello! Yes, the DJ manages the music and sound for your entire event—ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. I bring the necessary equipment and collaborate closely with you to match your style and preferences. Music sets the tone, whether it’s classic for the ceremony, lively for cocktail hour, or dance tunes for the reception. Share your vision, and I’ll create the ideal soundtrack for your special day, ensuring everyone has a fantastic time!

I’m sold Robert! Can you tell me what the process is?

Your Wedding Is Easy with HILO PRODUCTIONS 6-Step Process

1. Discovery Call With Robert Hilo

For availability, custom solutions, investment options, and finding the best fit, video conferencing is the perfect choice!

2. Meet your talent!

Connect with your talent and go over your vision and vibe. There has to be a connection because they will be an extension of your tastes that night.

3. Book with HILO Productions

Congrats! Your talent is secure for your special night.

4. Prepare With Robert Hilo

30 days before your wedding, it’s time to catch up and make sure everything is on track. We’ll go over the timeline, music selection, address any questions you may have, and confirm the names of everyone involved. You’ll have direct access to Robert Hilo, and we can schedule as many meetings as needed to ensure everything is perfect for your big day!

5. Enjoy a Positive Review Session with Your DJ

Now, with your talent back on board, we can bring our focus to finalizing the process. Your talent will be well-versed in all the information I have about you. We’ll meet 1-2 weeks before your wedding date to iron out all the details.


By following HILO PRODUCTIONS’s meticulous preparation process, THEY are all set to deliver an exceptional performance at your wedding. This will allow you to unwind and fully savor your special day with your loved ones!

You: My eyes say “I’m done reading” My ears say “What do they sound like?” 

Robert:All of our HILO Djs operate in Open Format.  They understand when it’s time for the FAM and when it’s time for the PARTY. Every single one of our Djs is a seasoned veteran in the wedding industry as well as the club scene. When listening to their mixes, please listen for their proof of ability and flexibility.Of course, we cater to your musical vision and preference.  Click on the link and find out. 


Bryan T. – Top 40, Hip HOP, RNB, EDM & CLUB

Chris C. – Top 40, Hip HOP & RNB

miSH – EDm & DANCE (EDM 2023 performance)

brian E. – rnb, Hip Hop, EDM MIX

derrick – EDM, TOP 40, Hip HOP MIX

bernard – TOP 40, pop, Hip HOP, EDM MIX


NATHIN – TOP 40, pop, Hip HOP, EDM MIX

Your wedding is truly unique!

Events, like relationships, require attention. Venue layout, demographics, sound, light, music, and crowd engagement are essential for success. DJs combine all these elements. To create a personalized experience, you need a professional who understands your vision and adopts the right approach.

Booking Hilo Productions was not just about having someone to DJ or MC our event. It was clear that their goal was to cultivate an unforgettable experience for us and our guests. Cannot recommend enough!

— Ren V. (Groom) | Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach

Average DJ vs.

👎 Not Cool. They just don’t care how they make you look, what they do, or how your night turns out. And why would they, right?

👎 Party Spoiled & You’re in Trouble. Your big night shouldn’t be a DJ’s trial run. Don’t gamble with all your hard work and money going to waste.

👎 “That was so awkward.” When a disorganized DJ blasts tacky music and disrupts a moment of silence, it can really mess up the vibe and leave a bad impression.

👎 Snooze Fest Wedding Chatter: So, you’ve got these DJs at the wedding who are total duds. They can’t vibe with the crowd, and their transitions between songs are just… non-existent. It’s a mood killer for sure!


🎧 Confident Assurance. We focus on making sure you feel secure. We are committed to your effort, your reputation, and your important event. We listen to what you want and enjoy working with our clients!

🎧 Create Unforgettable Memories. Ensure that your wedding day is filled with absolute joy and incredible moments. Your dedicated efforts to make this day exceptional must not be left to chance.

🎧 Improves Your Image: With an amazing setup and presentation, we delight the audience with positive vibes. A professional can handle pauses, adjust the volume, and expertly mix music to ensure everyone has a memorable experience.

🎧 The Wedding Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About A skilled DJ effortlessly commands the crowd, creating a lively dance party that your friends and family can’t stop talking about.

Every wedding is unique, and it’s crucial for Robert to grasp your wedding vision. This allows him to assess the compatibility of working together and tailor his solutions and services accordingly.

Here’s a link to arrange a meeting with him. Once you schedule the meeting, you will be provided with further information regarding his approach and the way you will collaborate together.

HILO PRODUCTIONS might not be the perfect match for your needs, and that’s completely fine!

If HILO PRODUCTIONS is the right fit for you, we are thrilled to partner with you and bring to life the wedding celebration you have always dreamed of and truly deserve.

NOTE: By not choosing HILO PRODUCTIONS, couples are allowing their wedding to fall short of its true potential. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your special day to new heights.