HILO Productions is an Orange County based company that handles the “TRIPLE M’s” of your life. (most memorable moments)

Our passion for making people happy grants us to shape, tailor, and “knock out” stunning entertainment and standout events. (Nothing cookie cutter over here!)  We are established because we think best under pressure, cool when it counts and hyped when it calls for.

  • YOU’LL enjoy the intimate moments while we overlook the whole party.
  • YOUR DJ/Emcee maintains the “Flow” just as we build up the “Momentum” so you won’t miss a beat. (Get it? Beat!  DJ?…Ahhhh you know what I mean.)
  • YOU can expect a professional and ultra-personal experience.
  • YOU and your guests will be screaming, “One more song!” better yet “That was the best party I have ever been to!”
  • Most important of all, it’s all about YOU!

We’re excited to meet YOU! (Imagine us high fiving now)