NOW BOOKING 2020 – 2021

IT GOES BEYOND WEDDING COUPLES. When she’s not planning or emceeing events every weekend, you can definitely find her speaking at a myriad of events

NOW BOOKING 2020 – 2021

Some of the most powerful and wildly successful figures in today’s world are women filling positions of influence in boardrooms, online, and offline. Khanh P. Duong is no stranger to all three. She was 23 years old when she began her start-up career selling software to hundreds of small-to-medium sized businesses. Cold calling, pitching, and closing deals every day of the week, she covers the bread and butter that every business needs to grow its digital footprint and increase their profits through digital marketing.

Since HILO PRODUCTIONS was founded years ago, Robert Hilo has become one of the most most booked seasoned MC/DJ. As his career blossomed, he started finding himslef in the position of motivating others . His speaking journey, began nearly three decade ago.

Robert Hilo first got his start in publoic speaking in the third grade. It was a speecch contect for Black History month. One by one all contestatn face the audience while Robert chose to face the side wall. Oh well! You learn. Robert was gifted to role to neigh like a reindeer during his chorus recital at Universal Studios! That opened a lot of doors. During high school Robert given te responsiblity and honer to share the school news every morning wiht the students. He was quicklt replaced. I t was nt untl he joined a speech presentation class, he found his groove along structure. Fast forward to college, he gradawith a double degree in Business and Speech Communicatiosn. His unique narrative is what makes compelling, motivating, and awe-inspiring speaker./???????


  • Entrepreneur, motivational thought leader
  • Charismatic host
  • Corporate Trainer


  •  Building confidence and overcoming fear 
  • How to build an authentic and organic brand 
  • Finding your purpose and career fulfillment 
  • Imposter Syndrome. Not me!
  • Women in leadership 
  • Brains in the Gym


Is Robert Hilo available to work my event? Robert ’s current corporate/event schedule and location in relation to your event’s type, date, budget, and locality will play a primary factor in the acceptance of booking her.

How do I book her to emcee my next event? If you’re interested in landing Khanh for your event, contact her by CLICKING HERE.

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  • Award shows
  • Corporate event 
  • Vietnamese Asian American Cultural events 
  • Product and brand endorsement project 
  • Fundraiser gala 
  • Guest speaker 
  • Keynote speaker 
  • Podcast guest segments
  • Private party
  • Retirement Party 
  • Reunions 
  • Summit and tech conferences 
  • Trade shows 
  • Workshops

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