Welcome to the world of destination weddings! Whether you envision exchanging vows against the stunning backdrop of Hawaii’s tropical paradise or amidst the luxury of an East Coast resort, Dj Hilo stands ready to fulfill your destination wedding dreams.




It’s like vacation time.  You arrive early to have fun with family and friends.  That thought of having another DJ (from a different country)  that’s not familiar with music from back home automatically vanishes.  You call the shots.  You’re in control.   All you need to do is step off the plane and HILO Productions will take care of the rest.

A Costa Rica wedding that was hosted by HILO Productions.  Let me just say this was the most professional and fun DJ/MC host ever!  He was energetic, eloquent, extremely professional, and stayed up till 4am playing music and ensuring everyone was having a great time!  He kept taking requests and keeping the entire crowd involved!  Awesome experience!

-James S.


1. What are your Destination Wedding DJ Services and Rates?

HILO PRODUCTIONS applies its full wedding service rate along with any applicable travel expenses.

  • DJ & MC talent by DJ HILO
  • Contract
  • Full coverage liability insurance policy
  • Pre-venue visit
  • 24/7 online planning form
  • Communication: Comprehending the couple’s preferences and desires
  • Preparation: Thorough planning
  • Coordination: Collaborating closely with the team.
  • Music Mixing: Vibe and vision towards couples wishes
  • Handling Requests: Promptly addressing song requests
  • Announcements: To Keep the event flowing
  • Audience Engagement: Ensuring guests feel welcome & included
  • Time Efficiency: Just the right amount of formality and maximum party
  • Client Satisfaction: Making sure couple & guests are happy
  • Travel Expenses included Roundtrip airfare, rental car, baggage fees, hotel and lodging.

*Sound system and lights setup are not included in quote. A sound system must be provided and set up through a local Entertainment Company. Hilo Productions will approve the equipment list and invoice.

2. How many people do we need to fly out?
In most cases, only DJ HILO would need to travel to your wedding location, unless he deems it necessary to have an assistant accompany him based on factors such as guest count and your wedding program. DJ HILO prefers to arrive at the destination one day in advance. This allows him ample time to scout the wedding venue and ensure punctuality on the day of your wedding. Typically, departure flights are booked for the day after your event, preferably later in the day.

3. Do I need to arrange the flights?
If you’d like to use your travel miles/rewards and book your flights independently, DJ HILO just asks that you share the details with him beforehand for approval. This includes flight times, transfers, layovers, etc. The cost will be deducted from the remaining balance. Otherwise, DJ HILO will take care of booking his own flight.

4. Will DJ HILO be bringing his equipment?
If DJ HILO is driving to your wedding location, he’ll bring his own equipment, including sound, microphone, and lighting.

If DJ HILO is flying to your wedding location, he’ll bring only essential equipment he can carry, like his laptop, headphones, and music. He’ll rely on the professional setup provided by a local DJ/Entertainment/Production company or the venue’s equipment.

5. Do you provide discounted packages for destination weddings?
Every destination wedding is unique, and DJ HILO is flexible to accommodate various options based on what’s already available, the wedding location, and the date of the event. Feel free to discuss any specific needs or preferences you may have!

6. Is it better to hire a wedding DJ who is already based at your wedding location?
Typically, hiring DJs from your wedding location can be pricier and riskier in terms of quality. Past clients have chosen not to hire foreign DJs for a few reasons. Coordinating details with them can be challenging, and if you have any music-related questions, it’s simpler to reach out to us directly for assistance rather than dealing with prolonged correspondence.


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