The first dinner song sets the mood for the rest of the night.   During the earlier meet up, Jan and Sofia they told me to use my best judgement towards the crowd. They wanted their guest saying “Hey, I haven’t heard that song in a while. This is my jam!”

Guess what!  Mission Accepted:)

You never really know your audience until you really scope them out during cocktail hour. You can do all the song selection.  You can create many Serato folders.  But, you’ll never know until the day of the event.   That’s where the expertise kicks in.   I imagined a song with a slow beginning.  Then it builds up with a guitar riff.  I played “Sailing” by Christopher Cross.  ( It’s been awhile since I’ve heard that song. )   Sofia yells out my name 16 seconds into it.  I quickly glanced at her and we connected eyes.   She shows me the side of her fist followed by a thumb pointing up to the sky.   Sofia yells out “This is it!  You got it!    It was very satisfying to hear those words from her.   Just from this one song,  I was able steer the ship into happy waters.  (Horrible pun, I know)

Sofia said… 
From the first moment we met Robert, we knew we had found our DJ! His philosophy of creating memories thru music was exactly what we wanted.  Music is super important to both my husband and myself and we knew that we needed to deliver a wedding that would live up to our reps. So we gave Robert a hodgepodge of different genres- spanning from 80’s ballads, to 90’s slow jams, to oldies, and of course the classic wedding songs.  Robert and his team masterfully wove all those songs so seamlessly that there was never a dull moment or a lull in the fun. People were singing their hearts out to song lyrics and on multiple occasions during dinner guests busted onto the dance floor for impromptu karaoke and dancing! And the games! Oh man! I will never forget how Robert got a dance floor full of people rolling on the floor and acting like little kids competing for prizes! Even our dads (both avid music fans and hard to impress) were giving Robert high fives all night.

More Wedding Info:

Wedding Reception Venue: Venue by Three Petals
Wedding Coordinator: B-Spoke Events
Wedding Florist & Rentals: Three Petals
Wedding Desserts: Final Touch Bakery
Wedding DJ: Hilo Productions
Wedding Rentals: Etablir Shop
Wedding Lighting: Impulse Event Lighting
Bridal Hair & Makeup: Luong Lasting

Contact Us for more information on availability.

To view more videos and reviews about our service, please view Yelp and our Instagram page.


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