what hilo clients say about us

I’m sure at this point you have visited other entertainment sites. You’ve read all their company statements. We’ve read such words as luxury, boutique, customized, and personal. Truth is, we do all those things. It’s so much more than those terms mentioned above. But it’s not what WE say about our company. It’s about what our HILO Family (past clients) says about us. Seriously, straight from their voices and keyboards. Feel free to check out our reviews on Yelp, Wedding Wire, and The Knot. Our clients take tremendous pride in going into meticulous detail-telling narratives, not just quick summaries. The uplifting vocabulary and phrases they say melt our hearts. We love phrases like “best decision we ever made” or “hints of tradition while staying modern”. Just to name a couple. Usually, other entertainment sites talk about themselves. Here we are talking about the HILO family. (our loving clients) Virtual bear hug!


★★★★★ 10/23/18

Joseph D.

Andrea and I were married on October 13, 2018, and we couldn’t have imagined a better wedding; of course, a key part of our amazing day was our fun and enthusiastic DJ/MC, Robert Hilo.

Andrea and I stumbled upon Robert at a soiree organized by our wedding venue about 6 months or so before our wedding day. The soiree was an organized event so that couples could meet potential vendors for their wedding. Throughout the night, I saw how Robert interacted with guests, and got them smiling/laughing and I told Andrea that I wanted him to be our wedding DJ/MC; Andrea agreed. We approached him, chatted for a bit, and then we asked him if he would DJ our wedding. He checked his phone, shouted “I’m free” and Andrea and I were so excited. Robert happened to also be the MC that night for a raffle giveaway and again I could see his energy, enthusiasm, and ability to just get random people to just get up, dance, and have fun. One thing he did was that for people to claim their prize, they had to do their trademark “dance move” on the dance floor. Andrea and I knew we made the right choice.

Prior to our wedding, Robert made himself available just to “get to know us” and find out what we were looking for on our wedding day. We met a few weeks after we first booked him just to talk about ourselves in general, learn about our personalities, etc. We discussed the type of music we liked/didn’t like, whether to include games etc. I think we talked for about 1-2 hours. We relayed to him that our wedding guests would include a mix of physicians, LAPD/law enforcement officers, lively/animated friends, and two large families of Filipinos (need I say more). We told him that more than anything, we wanted our guests to HAVE FUN. We texted several times in the coming months and about a couple weeks before the wedding day we met again to discuss the wedding in more detail. Some things I asked for in particular were to include a “tropical house” mix during cocktail hour, ensure that Andrea and I had time to eat during our wedding, and again, emphasize our goal was to have a FUN WEDDING; of course, Robert delivered.

Following the wedding, some specific things I noted:
1. Cocktail hour was “lit.” People were dancing, having fun, and taking a plethora of shots (oh my roudy friends lol).
2. Some people were actually standing on chairs singing/dancing at times.
3. The dance floor felt like a dance club and was packed throughout the night.
4. At the end of the night my closest friends were still on the dance floor yelling and screaming their lungs out.

Several of my coworkers (who happen to be busy physicians btw) texted me within the following few days. To quote:
1. “Hey! Just wanted to thank you and Andrea for having us. We seriously had so much fun, we’ve talked of nothing else except your wedding for the last 2 days. Congrats again!”
2. “Reminiscing about this last weekend. Had great Old fashions watching an AMAZING WEDDING! Congrats!!”

On another note, another friend/coworker posted a picture of a knee bruise he sustained during the wedding playfully commenting “This happened while trying to breakdance at Joe’s wedding. #NoPainNoFun

Furthermore, multiple family members kept on asking Andrea and I who was our DJ/MC because they had SO MUCH FUN!

In summary, Robert is amazing, and if you’re lucky he’ll be free on your wedding day so that you can book him. If you do, I guarantee that you’ll have the best night of your life.

★★★★★ 4/22/20

Justine S.

We were looking for a DJ/MC and had no idea where to look until we booked our photographer Kevin Le Vu (shout out to KLV Weddings, his team was also a blessing to work with!) and we asked Kevin if he knew of any DJ/MCs. Kevin said, “This guy Robert is FUN. Amazing guy to work with.” Intrigued, my then fiance Jack (obv now husband) and I made an appointment to meet Robert. I think we met Robert in February 2020? We were so impressed… Robert was so well put together, not just in appearance (such a sharp dresser) but you can tell he really cares about what he does and he knows it really well. We felt like we were going to be in good hands, so we booked him as our officiant as well after that first meeting! Robert was going to be our officiant, DJ, and MC all in one.

Best snap decision we’ve ever made. Little did we know, all hell would break loose and soon we were in the throes of a pandemic. The next 18 months were so crazy, planning a wedding in all the uncertainty that came with lockdown and hearing about other couples’ weddings being cancelled or postponed. But one of the few things we knew we never had to worry about was how much we could trust Robert as a wedding vendor. Always very responsive, prompt, supportive even when we were stressing out! We sat on a 2 hour Facetime call with Robert where he asked us what was really most important to us at our wedding. Aside from that, he called my husband days before our wedding (unbeknownst to me) to ask how things we going, and also to ask more questions to add a personal touch to our ceremony that he was about to officiate. He really really gets to know the couples he works with and it shows.

Let me just break it down into his roles to make my review a little more organized.

Officiant: Robert sent us a questionnaire asking us about our relationship and the best parts of it. It definitely helped him get a grasp of who we are as a couple. So well, that our guests thought Robert was one of our longtime friends! Our vows were so personalized, Jack and I were so impressed by the attention to detail and how much thought was put into the entire ceremony.

MC: Robert is the best hype man! So much energy and positive vibes! We had a pretty shy and reserved wedding party, but he was able to bring out the best in them and give them that confidence boost they needed for the wedding party entrance! We had only one wedding game, but our guests were talking about it for weeks after. In fact, I’ve even had guests tell me our wedding was THE BEST wedding we’ve ever been to. So organized and put together without being dead serious and boring. Our whole reception just flowed so well, from dinner to game to dancing. Above all, Robert has just such great stage presence. When he speaks, everyone pays attention! And he just speaks so clearly and with much confidence. You can tell he’s very experienced with hosting large events. Robert is also Filipino like I am, so he’s very experienced with dealing with meddling family elders who want to hijack the reception playlist lol.

DJ: Robert sent us another detailed questionnaire asking which music genres were ok or not ok, what songs to play for each part of the wedding and ceremony, etc. Our music was on point! Have you ever been to a wedding where you feel like you get musical whiplash because the DJ plays EDM then abruptly switches to country music then hiphop? Or a wedding where the DJ just leaves and has a playlist that sounds like those lo fi Youtube channels? (True story, I’ve been to both kinds.) Robert is definitely NOT that kind of DJ! The music flows so well, and is tailored to your own musical tastes. I was always the type of person to have imaginary background music playing in my head (like movies or Korean dramas lol) and the music at our wedding was everything I had imagined it to be. The music was just so…US. 🙂 We had people on the dancefloor until the lights had to go back on. Robert knows how to read the crowd’s energy and will steer the playlist in a direction that’ll keep people dancing.

I think the most memorable part about our experience with Robert actually came after the wedding. One of my wedding guests told me he ran into Robert in the outside world and he told Robert he had so much fun at our wedding because he was our DJ/MC. A few months later, this friend was diagnosed with a serious illness and he told me that my wedding was probably one of the last happy “normal” memories he made with his wife before his diagnosis. Trying not to end this on a sad note but that’s the kind of lasting impact Robert makes. Not just an officiant/DJ/MC, he helps you make memories that will stay with you forever. Our wedding ended up being the best day of our life, largely because Robert was there to help make it happen. Thank you so much, Robert and team!!

Our guests are still talking about HILO over a month and a half later!

– Cyn N